Friday, November 16, 2012

LA Fabric District

Warning this is a long long text filled post.
Enjoy ;D 

A few weeks ago I went to LA for a Big Bang Concert.
There was so much time to kill before the concert we went to the fabric district.

I've only been to the fabric district once before.
I went to Ragfinders a few months ago.
It's pretty intimidating the first time there. 
There's so much fabric I didn't know where to start.
After about an hour there I got four lovely fabrics that I used in my fashion show.
One thing about Ragfinders I didn't like is that there is a minimum on fabrics.
You have to buy 20 yards of each fabric.
I ended up getting 20 yards of two and 25 yards of the other two.
The fabric was cheap per yard $3.50 or $4.50, but my grand total was like $345 @_@

So i'd recommend them if you need a lot of fabric otherwise go to these other places.

When I first go to the fabric district I was pretty confused on where to go.
I ended up parking by FIDM.
Which was my first stop.
FIDM has a store called the Scholarship Store.
It's open to the public and I really recommend going there.
The store mostly has clothes and jewelry, but when you go to the back theres a wall full of fabric.
The best part is most of it is just a $1 a yard!
They also have trims, swatches, and so much more for a cheap price.
I got 5 yards of this nice rib knit fabric.
And another 5 yards of this other type of knit.

As well a bag of 12 zippers, for $2.00 @_@ I'm really mad that I didn't get more.
So many zippers for so cheap.

After the FIDM Store, I walked down 9th street all the way to Maple street.
If you decide to walk it's pretty far, so wear comfortable shoes.

A few places I went to

An indoor fabric mall. There was many different stores that had different fabrics. I got some organza for $0.99.  Almost all places in the mall you can negotiate the price down.
L.A. 99 Cent Fabric Store. It was just a small places will really cheap costume fabric.
I ended up getting 5 yards of some nice satin for I believe it was $1.25 a yard.

My personal favorite that I plan to go back to was Michael Levine's Annex.
There's two Michael Levine stores. One is the regular store, it's like a giant joanns.
They have a huge selection of fabric, closures, threads, ect ect.
Only thing it's all normal retail price.
 Back to the Annex store. Its across the street from the normal ML store.
When you first walk in you have to walk up two flights of stairs.
It's pretty much a giant room with tons of big boxes filled with fabrics.
 Make sure to grab a basket, and start digging through the boxes.

I spent almost two hours in there looking for fabric.
Yes, it is a pain. However I found some amazing fabric.
I got a lot of chiffon, some satin, lace, and more.
Some was just tiny scraps to up to five yards.

Best part it doesn't go by yards, but by pounds.
It's $2.50 a pound. If you get lightweight fabric its a great deal.
If you get heavyweight fabric it can get costly, but its still cheaper then retail price.
There was also giant embroidery threads for a $1.

 There's so many stores around, I popped in and looked around most of them.
Some had great prices others were decent.

Here's a few tips for if your going
  • Wear comfortable shoes, you will be walking a lot
  •   Bring some sort of cart, like the small ones. It gets heavy!
  • There's some stores that do not accept card, so bring cash.
  • Most places you can negotiate with the prices, don't be afraid to try.
  • Saturdays is the best day to go, most stores are open.
  • Most places do not refund or exchange to choose wisely. 
  • If you see something you like take it then, it most likely wont be there the next time.
  • There aren't any public restrooms around, make sure to go before you get there.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sugar Does Vegas

Recently I was in my first fashion show.
I debuted my first collection for Beloved.

This post is pretty long and picture heavy.

The fashion show was ran by this company called Sugar Art and Fashion Show.
SA&FS is ran by 1981 Collection Designer Timmery Turner. SA&FS is a way to help underground female artists and designers get a chance to showcase and sell their art or fashion to the public.

Here's the flyer for the Vegas one.

The show was held at this bar called Club 2100.
The location I wasn't too excited about, it wasn't exactly in a nice part of Vegas.
Besides that the place was pretty ok. There wasn't much seating, but there also wasn't that large of an audience. 

When I first arrived there the models were still getting ready and the designers were setting up. 
Being my first show I was extremely excited to see the behind scenes of a fashion show.

Here's my collection with their accessories before the show started.

Some pictures of the girls right before we went on.
 My family
Photo of me, my friend, the boyfriend, and his sister and brother-in-law

Dj Miss Joy played for a few hours until the real event started. 
Like most fashion event everything was late.
The first show didn't start until 10pm

First was the designers from other states did their fashion show.
La Designer Da Bidnez
Seattle Designer Paper Dollz
Portland Designer Grape Juicey

After was a performance from Jessica Chavez of Honeypot\

Finally was the local Vegas designers.
Couture Slave was first.
Next was me

All the ladies did an amazing job.
I loved getting to meet all the designers and models.

Song used Big Bang Fantastic Baby.

Model Kylie

Model Amber Ari

Model Kristy

Model Mauve

Model Alex


Picture of me and all my models.

Overall the show was amazing.
I can't wait to work with everyone from Sugar Art and Fashion Show again.

I will hopefully be having somethings from the show for sale soon.
Check out my shop 
If your interested in getting anything you see from my collection message me at
Also don't forget to like my Fan Page and my Beloved Page

♥Michi Beloved

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Animegacon 2012

Animegacon was a first year con held in Las Vegas, NV on August 17th - 19th.
Overall I had fun at the convention.
I only cosplayed the first day as Chun Li

Thanks to for this picture with my friend Wild_K

I'll start with the Cons.
-Kind of expected for a first year convention, not many people. The real reason this is a con is that the convention made it seem like thousands of people were coming. The convention hyped it up so much. So when I actually got there I was pretty surprised on how few people were there.

Now with the Pros :D
-La Carmina was a guest! That was probly the best part of the whole convention. I'm a huge fan of hers and when I found out that this tiny con got her I was excited.

-The fashion shows. First was a lolita show then later on there was one for local designers.
As someone who loves fashion I really enjoyed getting to see a fashion show. All the outfits were amazing and it was nice seeing local designers. Plus La Carmina hosted the seconded one ;D
Everyone seemed upset about how long it took to start, but that's fashion.

-Game room. Loved it!! They had a great selection of games and plenty of systems. 

-My panel went very well. Lots of people showed up and everyone seemed to be having fun.

Here's a video from the con featuring all the cosplayers (including myself as Chun Li ;3)

Animegacon was fun, but they have a lot to improve to get more people to come.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fanime 2012

So this post is way past due haha.
Here's a few pictures from it.
There are more pictures on my facebook page.

My overall experience there was amazing.
It's still my favorite convention to go to.
I especially loved being apart of Stage Zero.

 Stage Zero Hosts

 The host of stage zero and Wendell