Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Big Bang Concert & Downtown Disney

So this is from a few months ago and I finally decided to finish this blog post xD
Big Bang my favorite group of all time finally came back to America.
They had their concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA

After going to the fabric district I went to Downtown Disney!
At this time I still had about 6 hours to kill before the concert.
I am a huge fan of anything Disney, and downtown Disney is free.
The place is amazing, the way its decorated the shopping, and the food.

Love this! A lego version of Belle and the Beast

Lego version of Buzz and Woody.

Lego version of Maleficent. 

Cute Nightmare Before Christmas top hat.

Marvel T-Shirts ^_^

Little hard to see but they already had Star Wars merch lol

Sadly there was no cameras allowed at the concert. I only got to take a few.

Big Bang Blue

Close up of Seungi , Daesung, and Gdragon

G dragon again, T.O.P, and Taeyang

The concert was amazing!!!
Really no words to explain.
The whole thing was an hour and 40 minutes long with a  20 minute encore.
I bought one of the cute crown lights and their tour t-shirt.
I'm so glad I went, considering it was there last show since TOP is going away to the military soon. 

Sugar Does San Francisco Review

Sugar Art and Fashion Show 2nd tour kicked off in San Francisco.
The second they announced it I knew I wanted to be apart of it.
I love the city and there was a lot of people over there I wanted to see.
This would be my second show with Sugar. 
You can read my first review on Sugar here.

  The venue was this bar called Project One.
I liked this place 100 times better then the one they choose for Vegas. 
I was too busy to get any pictures myself, but I'll post ones from the Official Sugar photographer.
The place was perfect for the art show and the vendors.
There was so much amazing art.

My friend/model Seanie!

The one and biggest problem I had was there was no runway.
The models were expected to just walk through the crowd.
For a fashion show that's very important. 
I'm not gonna lie I was mad, I paid a lot of money to be in this show.
The place was packed, so if you weren't in the front you couldn't see anything.
My mom who drove out with me missed the whole show.
As well as a bunch of friends who were nice enough to drive from different parts of the bay to see me.

I wasn't able to get a recording of the show, and the only pics I got are from the Sugar Photographers.
Again, that annoyed me. 
I like having a recording of the show and lots of pictures.

I would like to thank the Sugar Staff for the photos and hosting the event.
As well as all my models!
My overall rating is a 2/5.
 Everything was amazing except for not having a runway.

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