Saturday, October 6, 2012

Animegacon 2012

Animegacon was a first year con held in Las Vegas, NV on August 17th - 19th.
Overall I had fun at the convention.
I only cosplayed the first day as Chun Li

Thanks to for this picture with my friend Wild_K

I'll start with the Cons.
-Kind of expected for a first year convention, not many people. The real reason this is a con is that the convention made it seem like thousands of people were coming. The convention hyped it up so much. So when I actually got there I was pretty surprised on how few people were there.

Now with the Pros :D
-La Carmina was a guest! That was probly the best part of the whole convention. I'm a huge fan of hers and when I found out that this tiny con got her I was excited.

-The fashion shows. First was a lolita show then later on there was one for local designers.
As someone who loves fashion I really enjoyed getting to see a fashion show. All the outfits were amazing and it was nice seeing local designers. Plus La Carmina hosted the seconded one ;D
Everyone seemed upset about how long it took to start, but that's fashion.

-Game room. Loved it!! They had a great selection of games and plenty of systems. 

-My panel went very well. Lots of people showed up and everyone seemed to be having fun.

Here's a video from the con featuring all the cosplayers (including myself as Chun Li ;3)

Animegacon was fun, but they have a lot to improve to get more people to come.

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