Monday, January 23, 2012

Possibely no more Microsoft Points!

So far it's just a rumor from GameRant.

 Here's what they had to say about it
"All current balances of MS Points would of course be converted to their appropriate region-specific currencies. What does this mean for users who don’t have their credit card hooked up to Xbox Live and instead purchased MS Points cards from retailers? That’s the big security question which concerns us, since some users don’t want to link their financial accounts with Xbox Live, especially in light of how frequently we’re hearing of users having their accounts hacked, including readers (and staff) of Game Rant.
And if MS Points will be converted to real money, does that mean users must hold a balance of real-world currency in their Xbox Live account in order to make purchases? Or will the current system of holding a balance be grandfathered out after the MS Points are converted and users can simply make purchases as they wish like they can now with Games on Demand?"

I'd rather not have any points. 
It's a hassle to always have to buy them.
And if your a few points short you have to pay $5.
I'd be happier with just paying money.
Maybe like make it where you can put money into your account from GameStop.

Also here's a list of games coming out this week.
January 31st, 2012
Final Fantasy XII-2 (360/PS3)
Soul Caliber 5 (360/PS3)
Neverdead (360/PS3)

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